Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to my first Blog Post!

Not sure of exactly what I am doing with this whole blog thing, but I decided to give it a go. I'll try to blog everyday, but no promises OK peeps? LOL I planning on blogging mostly about my budding career in the quilting world, but you will hear about my family too! My hubby is the light of my life and my biggest fan ... well, maybe my mom is my biggest fan, but more about her later. My 3 kids are wonderful - most of the time. I also have 2 crazy cats - Suzie and Spooky. I'll post pics and storys that will make ya laugh!

Back to my Mom - we are starting a business venture. Mom is a professional long arm quilter and an awesome teacher! I am a quiltmaker and we are putting our heads (and sewing machines) together for some fantastic joint projects! The new business is called "Stitched Together Studios". Pretty clever huh? :-) Once I get the hang of this whole blog thing I will probably make a blog for STS also.

OK - dinner time and I want to see what the first draft of my blog looks like!